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A two-day conference shaping the future of zygomatic implant treatment.

March 1st/2nd 2019
Museum of London

” I’m really looking forward to welcoming you to 2 days of informative education about zygomatic implants. Whether you are new to this form of treatment or have used them for years, this conference is bound to help you manage complex patients with these remarkable implants”

Mr Chris Butterworth

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Dr Claudio Brenner

Dr Brenner has been involved with implants since 1998 and has a special interest in full arch, immediate placement, immediate loading and complex cases.

He has personally placed over 30,000 implants  in all possible combinations.

He started to use zygomatic implants in 2002 for severely resorbed cases in combination with grafts, conventional implants and quads.

All that cumulate experience opened the door for oncology patients in the Orema Foundation in close co-operation with the national cancer institute where Claudio became member of the Head & Neck Surgery department of National Cancer Institute – Chile in 2014.

Claudio and his team have developed for these patients a protocol that combines microvascular flaps and osseointegrated implants aiming for a functional reconstruction/ rehabilitation addressing mastication , swallowing, speech, psychological comfort and social reinsertion.

The types of flaps used depend on the extension of the resection among others.



Dr Claudio Brenner’s sessions 

Friday 11:50: When to consider zygomatic implants – how atrophic does it need to be?

Saturday 16:30: Combining Zygomatic Implants with composite flaps