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A two-day conference shaping the future of zygomatic implant treatment.

March 1st/2nd 2019
Museum of London

” I’m really looking forward to welcoming you to 2 days of informative education about zygomatic implants. Whether you are new to this form of treatment or have used them for years, this conference is bound to help you manage complex patients with these remarkable implants”

Mr Chris Butterworth

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Mr Chris Butterworth

Chris Butterworth is a leading Maxillofacial Prosthodontist based at University Hospital Aintree, one of the largest Head & Neck Cancer centres in Europe. Since his appointment back in 2003, he has built a reputation for innovative care in the field of oral & facial rehabilitation.

Chris has been in post since 2003 as the Consultant Maxillofacial Prosthodontist based between the Regional Maxillofacial Unit at University Hospital Aintree and the Liverpool University Dental Hospital.

He is the lead clinician for dental implant treatment at the Dental Hospital and also leads the prosthetic rehabilitation service in Merseyside for the oral & facial rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients.

He has extensive experience in the prosthetic planning, surgical placement and restoration of osseointegrated dental implants and has pioneered the placement of zygomatic implants in Merseyside.

He has a national reputation in the prosthetic rehabilitation of oral cancer patients and was the youngest national president of the British Society of Prosthodontics in 2011/12.

He is interested in the use of computerized dental implant planning techniques for complex cases, the use of zygomatic implants, surgical tailoring of intra-oral free flaps and in quality of life outcomes following osseointegrated implant treatment.

He is actively involved in head & neck cancer research and is co-investigator on the HOPON trial looking at the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen in the prevention of Osteoradionecrosis following surgery in the irradiated mandible.

Chris has authored over 40 scientific papers, several textbook chapters and is the lead author on the restorative guidelines for UK based head & neck cancer patients.

His work on the use of zygomatic implants in head & neck cancer patients was recently recognised at the Academy of Osseointegration 2017 meeting in Orlando where he was awarded the Best Oral Clinical Research Presentation Award for his presentation “Primary vs Secondary Zygomatic Implant Placement In Head And Neck Cancer Patients – A 10 Year Prospective Study”.



Mr Chris Butterworth’s sessions

Saturday 16:15: Combining Zygomatic Implants with soft tissue flaps